Friday, October 18, 2013

Daylight UFO over San Salvador de Jujuy 27-Sept-2013

UFO Sightings 2013 - San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina

It's been a long time since a real and legit daylight UFO sighting took place and the most recent one was witnessed in Latin America where a white UFO was observed in broad daylight over San Salvador de Jujuy, on September 27, 2013. The object moves very fast at first then stops and goes on moving in a slower speed.

As you might know, I only publish videos of high credibility. And while doing that, I stick to various criteria such as the vocal description of the witness, the overall activity of the Youtube user uploading the video, the spontaneity and artlessness of the video, etc. There is an easy way to decide if a UFO video is fake which most of us do not notice. Today, there are numerous UFO magnets in Youtube who try to give a false impression that they attract any UFO activity in their neighbourhood. Exceptions don't break the rule. Just simply have a look at their profile and the videos they uploaded. If the user uploads videos of the same type of UFO in the same region in a regular order, there is high probability that all of them are fake. As you see, the ones I choose are mostly new users even opening a Youtube account just to be able to share the sighting of the UFO he/she witnessed recently. Most of them have only one or a several videos in total. So please do not overrate those falsifiers who aim to get a privileged position on the web. Thanks for reading!

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